The New Zealand Maliphant Family website

This section of the Maliphant Family website is all about the New Zealand branch of the Maliphant clan and is easily distinguished from the main site by the New Zealand flag in the header.

An Overview

The Maliphants (by name) never settled in New Zealand, although James [##49028] and Hannah [##49528] and their two children were stationed in Lower Hutt Map for a while when working for Wellington College (later they had time in China with Wellington College International, Tianjin Map).

The Ward clan (originally also based in Lower Hutt) are descended from Gertrude Maliphant [##46014], and Allen [##46014-48501] and all five of his children (and some of their families) have all attended at least one Jamboree!

Bryn Smith [##44008-48006] and his family represent our other wing of the clan in New Zealand, descended from Elizabeth Maliphant [##44008].